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DUI Education/Treatment

Anger Management

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In addition to our core services, we offer custom made programs to meet the requirements of Out-of-State Courts or Probation.

We provide cognitive behavioral, psycho-educational programs, utilizing the latest research in Domestic Violence and Anger Management.

We are a state licensed agency in the state of Arizona able to provide DUI Screenings, DUI Education and DUI required evaluations for the Arizona Motor Vehicle Department

We are here for you, with:

Over 18 Years of Experience


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Dynamic Living opened its doors in 1995, perceiving the need for a provider who could deliver needed services to clients effectively, ethically, and compassionately while at the same time remaining responsive and flexible in working with local municipalities, court systems, county and state agencies and other providers. Dynamic Living currently has five offices serving clients from Metro Phoenix, the East Valley and throughout Arizona.

“ I was treated with respect and digninty by everyone. After a few months I have quit my smoking habit and I have a better quality of life thanks to the help I received. Dynamic Living, I wil always be grateful.

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